Willowsplash's Revenge

Author: Willowsplash
Status: Began
Series: Willowsplash's Adventure Series
Allegiances: Willowsplash's Revenge Allegiances
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Unknown
Spellcheckers: None
Willowsplash's mate was killed in the war of JayClan and FlashClan. She has to get revenge against the one who killed him. But with her kits to be born in a moon, can she find the strength to find her mate's killer?

Chapter 1Edit

Willowsplash ran over to her dead mate, Rainclaw.

This can't be happening... She looked at him. She lay her head on his blue-gray fur, "Oh Rainclaw...what have you done..."

She closed her eyes and brushed her paw along his body, it was sleek and cold. She licked it in silence, "I'll sit vigil, even if the rest of FlashClan won't."

She padded a few paces away and sat down, she dipped her head and closed her eyes.

StarClan, why have you taken Rainclaw away from me? He was to be the father of my kits...

She opened her eyes and looked at her belly. "Rainclaw's kits...they will live on and shine just like him..."

"Why did I let him go to this war...I was blinded by my own feelings, I was so excited about the kits I forgot how much danger he was going to be put in..." She padded closer to his body. She again brushed her paw along him, it was still sleek and cold. "I can't erase what has happened, but I can find your killer."

I will make him pay if it is the last thing I do.

"I won't let you die in vain, my love."

She closed her eyes again, "I won't let you die in vain..."

She curled herself next to Rainclaw's body, "Good Night, my love. I won't be seeing you for a while. But I know that I will see you in the end. In StarClan, peace, serenity."

She put her paw on his eyelids and closed them, "I will always love you..."

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