220 px
Status: Warrior
Current: The Forest Rogues
Past: None
Rogue: Wild
Apprentice: Wildpaw
Warrior: Wildpelt
Mother: None
Father: Ravenclaw
Mate: None
Sister(s) None
Brother(s): None
Living: Corruption Within
Dead: None
FanClan Information
FanClaned By: Bird

Wildpelt is a deep dark brown, almost black tom, with soft green eyes and tufted ear tips.


Before Corruption WithinEdit

Wild was a loner, and a quiet one at that, but rumours were that he was a scary rogue that ate kits if he was too hungry, and if you took his prey, he'd challenge you to a battle.

But, that was proved wrong by Icekit, a bullied kitten, who almost drowned because of two other kittens, Wild had jumped into the river to save him.

He then joins the clan at 14 moons, very unnerved by the crowds, but he sees Ravenclaw, a familiar face, and he gets more accustomed, even making friends with Silverleaf and Fluffypelt.

More will be added later, trust me XD

Corruption WithinEdit

He is first seen being woken up by Fluffypelt, who is his best-friend, though annoyed, he asks why he woke him up. Fluffypelt tells him that Whitestar wanted to see him, but he wasn't sure what for though.

Wildpelt, suspicious, goes to see him, but sees Iceclaw talking to him. Not trusting the tom, he pads past him, and realises that something was bothering him.

He then is told to go on patrol, and he brings Fluffypelt, but when they go into the forest, they hear a strange screech, and are curious, but wait, not wanting to jump into danger, Wildpelt slowly heads to the clearing, only to find it empty.


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