The harsh flames rushed againt the marsh of ShadowClan Camp, warriors and apprentices yowled for cover, queens scattered eveywhere, meowing for their kits, but no cat noticed Whitekit playing in the camp, with a moss-ball.

But soon, the little white she-kit collapsed to the ground, mewling for help.

Chapter 1Edit

"Let all those cats old enough to catch their own prey, join me underneath the great stone for a clan meeting!" the ThunderClan leader, Berrystar yowled, "I think it is time to make a new warrior,"

"Which apprentice?" Creekfur, a beautiful tabby she-cat mewed

"I think-" he trailed of, as a patrol of cats entered the camp,

" Berrystar! Berrystar! Look! We've found a kit!"

The black-and-cream leader leaped down from the highrock, "Very well then, Creekfur, take this kit to Dappleflower, since her kits died a half-moon ago," Creekfur stood up, took the kit out of Frostear's mouth, and scampered to the nursery.

Dappleflower looked up, "A kit?" she mewed

"Er...yeah," Creekfur muffled

"And you want me to take care of it?"

"Yes, Dappleflower. She was uh..abandoned...?"

"Okay. Since I have leftover milk from my other litter,"

Chapter 2Edit

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