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Author: Twilight
Status: In the Making
Series: N/A
Allegiances: MistClan, BreezeClan, SnowClan, FireClan
Preceding: N/A
Succeeding: N/A
Spellcheckers: N/A
I don't really have a summary...

Author's NoteEdit

This is dedicated to my dear friend, Alex, who died on September 2, 2011 of heart failure. She was the age of an apprentice.


Starpaw twisted and turned all night. The pain in her chest was un-bearable. She got up, and walked over to Sweetshine's den. "Sweetshine?" called the young apprentice.

"Yes, Starpaw? What is it?"

"The pain in my chest is getting really painful--and I think I have a small fever…"

"Of course…Come in," soothed the small, cream colored she-cat.

Starpaw sat in one of the medicine cat's nests as Sweetshine checked her over. After a couple heartbeats, the medicine cat spoke up. "I'm not sure what we can do about the pain, but I'll give you some poppy-seeds to help you sleep, and some feverfew for the fever, but that's about all I can do…"

"Thank you, and I know you're trying your best. May I tell Icestar?"

"Of Course…"

The black she-cat walked to her leader's den. "Icestar? My heart isn't feeling much better…and I have a fever…"

"I think if you can make it to a twoleg nest, then the cutter may be able to help…"

Starpaw pondered the thought for a few heartbeats. "Okay.." she dipped her head, and headed out of camp. After traveling half way to twoleg place, she sat down, and slept.

The next morning, the sun woke her up, and she continued on her journey to a twoleg nest.

At last, she was there. Scratching at the door succeeded. The twoleg started to coo, and brought her into it's nest. When she meowed in pain, the twoleg looked at her. Next thing she knew, she was in the belly of a monster. Lying down in the back-seat, she closed her eyes, without knowing she would never open them on earth again.

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