Welcome to DerpClan

Author: Fudgederp
Status: Started
Series: Fudgederp's Promise Series
Allegiances: DerpClan Allegiances
Preceding: None
Succeeding: A Choice She Can't Make
Spellcheckers: None
Fudgederp is a warrior of DerpClan, a group of cats who have...abnormal abilities. Fudgederp discovers her power is to create anything she wants and use it against whoever she decides to fight against. She meets more abnormal cats along the way but then has to choose whether she wants to save the cats or keep her powers.


~In CheeseClan~

Swissmoo padded towards Cheddarriver who was staring into the distance, she had no idea what he was doing.

Cheddarriver looked at her and turned away, "There is a new clan, I've heard there is a warrior named Fudgederp who hasn't received her power yet, however, she is a warrior. Cats of this so-called-DerpClan are supposed to receive their power the moment they're born."

"Taken to the Derp-pool, right?" Swissmoo meowed and turned around to see Munsterstar staring down on the abnormally tiny-sized she-cat.

"Why is everyone so interested in another clan's business?" He meowed.

"Because PopcornClan is worried, and they are our allies. Anything that is their business is our business." Cheddarriver snapped.

Munsterstar shrugged and padded away. Swissmoo looked at Cheddarriver, "He's in a strange mood today...he's normally screaming "lollipop" all day and we all get disturbed, like usual."

Cheddarriver perked his ears as he heard rustles in a small bush, "Mozzarellapaw! Come out, now!"

"I was looking for Nachopaw, for your information! But I didn't find him so I went hunting in the bushes, but then I heard you two talking about DerpClan and it sounded intereting." Mozzarellapaw mewed.

"You know it isn't right to be perking your head in other cats' business!" He snapped.

She rolled her green eyes and began to lick her flea-bitten, mangy creamish pelt, "Wasn't it you who said it was CheeseClan's business because it was PopcornClan's?"

Swissmoo stared at Cheddarriver's orange pelt and snickered, "She's got you there." the she-cat mewed and looked for Parmesanpizza, a queen of CheeseClan.

The beautiful yellowish cream she-cat padded out of the Nursery and padded towards her daughter, Mozzarellapaw. She looked at her, "Are you getting in trouble for the fourth time in one day?" Parmesanpizza scolded.

The apprentice sighed and looked at Swissmoo and Cheddarriver, "I don't know. Am I?" she looked at Cheddarriver.

He turned and looked at Parmesanpizza and sighed, "I-I guess she isn't..."

"Good! Thank you both for watching her!" She meowed and padded off with the tiny apprentice.

Weird, Swissmoo thought to herself.

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