Weight of the Stars series

Author: Graceglow
Number of Books: Dunno
Books: DewClan's Grace, Fading Starlight, Claws Across the Moon
Series Status: Started
Allegiances: Coming Soon
Story Spellcheckers: None
Follow Graceglow's life from her birth, and follow her through the easy and the hard choices she faces.

DewClan's Grace-After Gracekit first ventures out of camp, the leader, Goldstar, is killed. A cat with white fur has killed him, but DewClan suspects the wrong cat.

Fading Starlight-Gracepaw has found her calling, but it is not what she wishes. Trouble brews within the Clan, and Gracepaw is the only cat who can stop it.

Claws Across the Moon- Graceglow is faced with challenges, and one bad choice could get her exiled from DewClan forever...

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