This story/series will not be continued.
The author of this story, Midnitesky, has either left Warriors Share Wiki, or will not finish the story/series. Therefore, it is inactive.


The Dark Hunters have been banished from the Clans' territories for the time being, but a more treacherous menace is rising-the Clans, especially WindClan, are fighting in the height of a quickly enflaming civil war. Fernheart must do what she has dreaded doing all her life-betray-in order to simply live through this strenuous and burdensome period of time for all of the Clans. But betraying your friends isn't easy-neither is betraying your Clan and your leader. Sometimes, though, you just have to-threats lurking the dark shadows are too great. Once it's all over, though, Fernheart is one that manages to survive-but what will be next?

By Midnitesky-check out the other books in the Warriors trilogy (Warrior's Adventure and Warrior's Destiny), too!