This story/series will not be continued.
The author of this story, Midnitesky, has either left Warriors Share Wiki, or will not finish the story/series. Therefore, it is inactive.


Fernheart is an ordinary ThunderClan warrior-in an extraordinary situation! When she uncovers a sinister conspiracy by a malevolent group of cats called the Dark Hunters that could threaten the four Clans forever, she sets off with her best friends and comrades, Thornwhisker and Mudpelt, to help ally the Clans in preparation of the coming danger. However, as any cat would know, the Clans aren't always particularly amiable with each other-which makes Fernheart's scheme relatively more difficult. But with the help of her Clanmates, she manages to merge the Clans into one group-and they fight off the malicious Dark Hunters and drive them away-even though the costs are high at stake. Falconstar, the wise and intelligent WindClan leader, dies in the perilous battle, and many are wounded. But the threat of the Dark Hunters is long gone-for now, anyways.

By Midnitesky-check out the rest of the Warriors trilogy (Warrior's Quest, too) !