A Glowing Moon, A Night Skye, A Leopard's Song, A Splash in the Forest, A Willow in the Shade, and A Rainy Twilight

--a poem by Shadewing

It was a typical day down at Warriors Share
Glow was typing faster than a hare

Feather was archiving down at P:I
Night was having a chat with Skye

Leopard was scaring the vandals away
Silver was out chararting for the day

Splasheh was posting her latest story
Forest was planning a contest for P:C

Rainey was on dA, getting lineart from Wildpath
If anyone stole it, they'd face all our wrath

Nighty's obsession with LP drove her crazy
Skye wanted a new page, but she was feeling lazy

Feather created a character for FanClan
Leopard gave a spammer a nice chat ban

Silver was busy posting a tabby
Glow had to log off, so she was feeling crabby

Splaseh was asking Rainey to chat
Forest was deciding on a roleplay cat

Rainface was trying to make a new sig
Twi resized a charart that was just too big

And standing in the shadows was Shadewing
Admiring the wiki, that beautiful thing.

She started off to where the fun never ends
Writing, chararting, and being with friends

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