Blackstar:Jet- Black tom


Thornleaf: Golden-Brown tabby tom with green eyes, Apprentice: Violetpaw

Medicine Cat:

Featherleaf: Beautiful long haired silver tabby with black paws and ear tips and blue eyes, Apprentice Pumpkinshell


Musicthroat: Siamese tom with ice blue eyes

Blackstorm: Black she-cat with white paws and green eyes

Birchfoot: Brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Oakfoot: Black tom with green eyes

Claypelt: Red-brown tom with yellow eyes

Rabbitclaw: Light grey tom


Pumpkinshell: Beautiful, light ginger she-cat with darker tips

Emberpaw: Tortoiseshell she-cat

Copperpaw: Brown tom with amber eyes

Violetpaw: Light ginger tabby she-cat with blue-violet eyes

Stonepaw: Grey tabby tom


Snowfall: White she-cat with blue eyes, Mother of Claypelt's kits

Petalfrost: Light tan tabby she-cat with blue eyes, Mother of Oakfoot's kits

Merrysong: Ginger she-cat with green eyes, Expecting Birchfoot's kits


Frostkit: White she-cat with blue eyes, Parents: Snowfall and Claypelt

Windkit: White she-cat with one amber and one blue eye, Parents: Snowfall and Claypelt

Briarkit: Pale brown she-cat with green eyes, Parents: Petalfrost and Oakfoot

Ravenkit: Pure black tom, Parents: 'Petalfrost and Oakfoot

Daisykit: Golden she-cat with one green and one amber eye, Parents: Petalfrost and Oakfoot


Hazelpelt: Red-brown she-cat with amber eyes and a twisted foot

Mudfoot: Brown tom with yellow eyes



Nightstar: Black she-cat with green eyes, Apprentice: Ivypaw


Shadowwhisker: Black she-cat with amber eyes

Medicine Cat:

Fawnspots: Tortoiseshell she-cat, Apprentice: Wingpaw


Sorrelfur: Brown she-cat with green eyes

Iceclaw: White tom

Greyfoot: Black tom with grey paws, Apprentice Birdpaw

Pepperfur: Light ginger she-cat with green eyes

Redflame: Bright ginger tom

Lionshadow: Black tom with golden eyes and thick fur

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