Twilightheart's Loyalty Series

Author: Twilight
Number of Books: More than one, I can tell you that.
Series Status: In The Making
Allegiances: ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan
Story Spellcheckers: None
This is the series of how Twilightheart tries to prove her loyalty.


Loyalty is What Matters ~ Twilight is born to Moon, daughter of Scourge. Follow her through her life as she learns about her grandfather's treachery, and the true meaning of loyalty.

A New Dawn ~ Twilightheart has a great life, and most of the clan are trusting her, until a prophecy from StarClan might change it all.

Exile ~ A mysterious murder of both deputy and leader leave the Clan distraught, until StarClan calls upon Moonshine to become the great Moonstar - but does she take it to far, accusing her own daughter, Twilightheart, of the murder? Find out about Twilightheart's rogue life in Exile.

A Rogue Way to Life ~ Follow Twilightheart through her new life - an outcast, an exiled rogue. Her life may take a turn when Milkfrost comes looking for her.

A Path of Dark and Light ~ Before the two can reach the Clan, bloodthirsty Moonstar murders Twilightheart and exiles Milkfrost, but before he can get away, she sends his life away, killing him, washing both their bodies in the lake. Follow Milkfrost and Twilightheart as the cream tom shows his love the way to the light

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