Twilight Series

Number of Books: 6
Series Status: Incomplete
Allegiances: Coming soon
Story Spellcheckers: None
Goldenflower is Nightfern's best friend. She's brave, beautiful and smart- the complete package. But she, like Snowsong, has a secret.

Pantherkit is the oldest kit in the nursery- brave and bold with a big ego. He's always ready for adventure. And mischief. But ever since the rouges had taken him, he's been... different. And Adderkit, the lonely, angry, conflicted son of Goldenflower's, doomed to destory ThunderClan with the ominous prophecy. He'll do anything to take his rightful place as leader under the watch of the evil leader Hawkstar . . . anything.

This series takes
Twilight Series Theme
place by the lake in Warriors. This territory is a bit different, with camps being like the old ones while having a lake, streams, and mountain view. This series is combined with the Moonlight Series. The cat's POV in the series vary.


  • Goldenflower's Love- Goldenflower was only trying to hunt. But what happens when she meets a single tom that could turn her life upside down?
  • Pantherkit's Escape- Ever since he was stolen by the rouges Dusk and Dagger, Pantherkit has been different. Will Pantherkit ever escape his fear?
  • Ravenfeather's Gift- Ravenfeather is blessed by StarClan when he becomes a father to Goldenflower's kits. But what happens when one of his kits is the target of the blood-thirsty Hawkstar who will lead the kit into ruling the whole forest?
  • The Final Battle - A mysterious disappearance. Several deaths. DeathClan, ready to attack and waiting. Goldenflower's time is coming . . . what will happen to her and her beloved Clan?
  • Adderkit's Betrayal- It is time. The one evil kit has been born, and Hawkstar is ready. When Adderkit is visited by Hawkstar in his dream, the evil leader draws the once impatient kit into a bloodthirsty murderer. Adderkit will now do anything to get his rightful place as leader, even if it means to kill anything in his way. Anything.

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