Twilight Saga: Warriors Version

Author: Shadewing
Number of Books: Four
Series Status: Incomplete
Story Spellcheckers: None
It is what it is. The Twilight Saga, Warriors Version.

Okay, so this idea just randomly popped into my head today, :p. Hope y'all like it. I don't like Twilight, so that's why i'm doing this.

Basic StorylineEdit

Bellashine, a halfClan warrior, is leaving her mother in PhoenixClan to join her father in ForksClan. (Kinda dumb, but I gotta make it like the series). She makes some new friends, Jesspelt, Angelafoot, and Mikeclaw. But she also meets a mysterious rogue named Sparkling Cat Face (Sparkle), and meets his family, the Tribe of Glittering Pelts. Sparkleface reveals to her that he and his family are vamprous cats, although they only drink the blood of freshkill. But there are other vamprous cats, with a thirst for a different kind of blood....


Sunset - Shortened version of Twilight.

Full Moon - Shortened version of New Moon.

Moonhigh - Shortened version of Eclipse.

Sunrise - NOTE: I have not read Breaking Dawn, but I know it's plot, so this will be a bit weird. Shortened version of Breaking Dawn.

Clans and CatsEdit

PhoenixClan (Phoenix) Edit

Leader: Reneestar

Main prey: rabbits.

ForksClan (ForksClan)Edit

Leader: Charliestar

Very rainy forest.

Main prey: rodents.

WolfClan (Quileutes)Edit

Hilly forest, with huge boulders and a river.

Main prey: For regular warriors, rodents and fish. For wolf warriors: Larger prey, but rarely cats. Also vamprous cats.

Tribe of Glittering Pelts (The Cullens)Edit

Leader: Beautiful Young One (Carlisle)

Very beautiful forest, perfect.

Main prey: Fresh-kill blood. (vamprous cats).

Tribe of Snow-White Pelts (Volturi)Edit

Leader: Arostar, Caiusstar, and Marcusstar

Well guarded confierous forest, rulers of vamprous cats.

Main Prey: Cat blood. (vamprous cats).

Bloody-eyed Rogues (James' coven, Victoria's army)Edit

Rogues, former kittypets.

Leader: James

Territory: None, they constantly move.

Main prey: Cat blood. (vamprous cats).

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