Tornadostar ~ handsome, thick-furred white tom with pale brown tabby patches and dark blue eyes.

Appearances Edit

Darkening CloudsEdit

Chapter 3 ~ He was asleep when Lilypetal wakes him up. Lilypetal said that Sandstormstar is on TornadoClan territory and needs to talk to him. Tornadostar has and argument with his half-brother and knows that Sandstormstar will get him back. He thinks about Blizzardstar when Lilypetal tells him about the storm and it will destroy them all.

Status: Alive
Current: TornadoClan
Past: RiverClan,Loner
Kit: Tornadokit
Apprentice: Tornadopaw
Warrior: Tornadostrike
Loner: Tornadostrike
Leader: Tornadostar
Mate: Blizzardstar
Sons: Jaykit, Brackenkit
Daughter: Avalanchekit
Mother: Tawnyleaf
Father: Jayflight
Half-Brother: Sandstormstar
Half-Sisters: Petalshade, Birdfeather
Living: Darkening Clouds
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Avalanchestrike

Chapter 6 ~ He is informed by SunClan deputy, Hawkstrike that SunClan and SandstormClan had joined forces and plan to destroy BlizzardClan and then turning to TornadoClan. He organizes his clan and is now preparing to join the battle.

Chapter 9 ~ He has arrived late to save some lives, but he arrived in time to protect Blizzardstar and her kits. He lost one of his nine lives in the fight with Sandstormstar.

Chapter 12 ~ He protects Blizzardstar yet again, but attacking Sandstormstar before he bites her. He is told by Blizzardstar that he is the father of her kits. He meets his step-father, Blackstorm at the end of the story.

The StormEdit

Chapter 3 ~ Coming Soon

Power Edit

Since he is one of the leaders of the Natural Disaster clans, he was born during a tornado and got the power, Tornado Chaser (Can chase Tornadoes) (Passes it deputy to leader). He also holds of of the three powers given to Blizzardstar, Hurricanestar and himself, the Dimensional Scream (Can see events that happen in the past or future upon touching something or someone).

Trivia Edit

  • He was first described as a golden tabby tom with dark blue eyes, but that was changed.
  • He has a crush on Blizzardstar (Could have started before RiverClan was destroyed).
  • It's revealed that Sandstormstar is his half-brother.

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