Prolouge: Firestar walked down the slick rock.He had no idea what he was doing, just that he was instinctively being pulled towards the shining cave.He yawned; he was tired enough after playing with his two new kits.He mourned day after day for his beautiful mate, whom walked with StarClan now.


"Jayfeather!Jayfeather!Wake up!"

Jayfeather, a young, handsome gray tabby tom groaned.He was sure these kits could at least bother his brother, who was older, stronger, and more energetic than him.He was medicine cat, whom never did anything fun, unless someone was literally bleeding to death.He thought about Sandstorm.He hated himself for letting her go, hearing her screams of pain.She recently gave birth to two small kits, who were already more energetic than Molepaw on catnip, which Jayfeather found outrageusly funny. Still, he stood up, calling to his duty of entertaining kits while the Clan took care of them.

"Hey, Jayfeather! Come play with us!"

"Why me?" Jayfeather whined, obviosly not wanting to get out of his cozy moss bed.

"Get up, lazy furball!" Chestnutkit squealed.Chestnutkit was a brown-ginger tom, who had tiny white flecks everywhere.Though everyone agreed he had too long of a name, Sandstorm thought it was special, and, even though the soft, fresh Nursery moss was her deathbed, she thought of his name.

"Yeah, get up and play!" Gingerkit mewed, irratating Jayfeather even more.Gingerkit was pretty, with nice, groomed ginger fur and gray-brown-ginger-ish toes, tail, ears and muzzle. Jayfeather tripped over the exited kits while heading to the small pool of water to get a drink.

"Hold still!" "I can't see...ouch! Get off!" "Shush..." "Don't tell me what to do!"

Jayfeather knew what was coming next;hey stop it! don't pull on my ears! Jayfeather, Chestnutkit won't stop biting my tail! then Tattletail! when you grow up your name's going to be Tattletail!

"Kits, kits, calm down.I can't play right now, I'm low on chervil.Brambleclaw will give me an herb searching patrol. I'll be right back."

"Isn't chervil roots good for bellyaches?"

Jayfeather turned around.He wondered if whichever one of the kits said that would really be willing to learn about herbs.

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