This Bitter Earth: Sweetblossom's Death

Author: Nightfern
Status: Complete
Allegiances: None
Spellcheckers: None
In a furious battle between bears and Clan cats, Sweetblossom, the beautiful heroine of SwiftClan, is brutally attacked by a bear . . . her last words to her forbidden StrengthClan lover.

This Bitter Earth On The Nature Of Daylight08:22

This Bitter Earth On The Nature Of Daylight

​This bitter earth

What fruit it bears

Sweetblossom jumps to her paws and spins around, unsheating her claws as she hears a terrifying roar . . . one that could only mean a "bear", the most dangerous creature in the Clans. The cats of SwiftClan begin to screech with fear as a giant black paw begins smashing through the camp entrance. Agilestar darts onto SmoothRock with a cauterwaul. "We can't fight them!" she cries, and her light ginger pelt glistens with sweat. "We are graceful and quick, but against bears we have no chance! Abandon camp, escape from the secret entrance! Warriors, guard and assist kits and elders! We have time!" At her words, the brambles spread apart and a bear emerges, foam spilling from its jaws as it bares its teeth and roars, tilting its head back.

Slashing a claw at the terrifying

What good is love

That no one shares

And if my life is like the dust

That hides the glow of a rose

What good am I

StarClan only knows

Sweetblossom is panicked. The bear lumbers across camp, lashing out with its huge paw, knocking SwiftClan warriors with one blow. She must save her Clan, even if it's at the cost of her life. She's saved them before, and survived. She can do it again. Sweetblossom launches herself at the bear, screeching a battle cry, and hooks her claws in the bear's left eye. It snarls and throws her against the stone wall. She hears a yowl behind her. "Sweetblossom! No!" Sweetblossom slumps down, blood running down a long gaping wound in her smooth, dark gray pelt. She's so tired . . . so tired . . . is she dying?

This bitter Earth

Can it be so cold

Today you're young

Too soon your old

A cat leans down toward Sweetblossom, grief plainly written in his ginger face. His blue eyes pierce Sweetblossom's. StrengthClan is here. They will save SilverClan. Gingerspot is here. She is safe. Gingerspot nuzzles her. "Sweetblossom, you fool." His voice is thick in pain and anger. "Why? Don't leave me. You're too young to die . . . yesterday you were with me . . . no." Sweetblossom smiles feebly at her StrengthClan love.

But while a voice

Within me cries

I'm sure someone

May answer my call

And this bitter earth

May not be so bitter after all

"It's okay. I wanted to go this way." Sweetblossom whispers, "I love you." Then she closes her amber eyes forever.

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