The Wolf's Heart Series


Leader: Patchstar-black-and-white tom

Deputy: Greeneyes-dark gray tabby she-cat Role-played by: Featherstream

Medicine Cat: Runningwing-brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Minnowpaw(pale gray she-cat)


Foxtail-bright ginger tom with darker tail

Dawnstream-pale ginger she-cat with darker streak Role-played by: Hollyfeather

Graypelt-gray tom

Apprentice, Stonepaw(dark gray tom)

Sootfoot-dark gray tom

Apprentice, Heatherpaw(light brown with barely visible darker streaks)


Stonepaw-dark gray tom

Heatherpaw-light brown she-cat with barely visible darker streaks


Rabbitcloud-white she-cat, mother of Gooseleg's kits: Gorsekit(dark gray tom) and Breezekit(very pale gray, almost white tom) Rabbitcloud role-played by: Rainbelly

Runningfern-gray she-cat with white underbelly, mother of Graypelt's kits: Mistykit(pale gray tabby she-cat), Brindlekit(dappled gray she-cat), and Sagekit(gray tom)


Gorsekit-dark gray tom

Breezekit-very pale gray, almost white tom

Mistykit-pale gray tabby she-cat

Sagekit-gray tom


Brackensong-dark brown she-cat

Flameblaze-dark ginger tom


Leader: Poppystar-tortoiseshell she-cat

Deputy: Cedarfoot-gray tom with a white chest and white paws

Medicine Cat: Nightmist-black she-cat Role-played by: Rainwillow

Apprentice, Mosspaw(gray-and-white she-cat)


Longstripe-gray tom with a long stripe that starts from his nose to the tip of his tail

Apprentice, Breezepaw(dark gray tom)

Swiftflower-tortoiseshell she-cat with flower like patches Role-played by: Nightfern

Apprentice, Dapplepaw(black she-cat with dapple fur)

Rowanface-brown tabby tom

Blackpelt-black tom


Dapplepaw-black she-cat with dapple fur

Boulderpaw-gray tom


Flowerstream-pale gray she-cat, mother of Longstripe's kits: Tallkit(black-and-white tom) and Cinderkit(dark gray she-cat)

Yellowclaw-bright ginger she-cat, mother of Rowanface's kits: Flamekit(bright ginger tom) and Mudkit(dark ginger, almost brown tom)


Tallkit-black-and-white tom

Cinderkit-dark gray she-cat Role-played by: Rainlegs

Flamekit-bright ginger tom

Mudkit-dark ginger, almost brown tom


Specklefrost-white she-cat with ginger splotches

Heavybelly-brown tom


Leader: Mothstar-golden-brown tabby she-cat

Deputy: Fallowflight-brown tabby she-cat with white underbelly

Medicine Cat: Snowstorm-white she-cat


Tigerstripe-dark brown tabby tom

Ivyfoot-gray tabby she-cat

Apprentice, Sweetpaw(tortoiseshell she-cat)

Briarfall-tortoiseshell-and-brown she-cat

Brackenfoot-golden-brown tabby tom

Thrushfur-gray tom

Apprentice, Jaypaw(gray tabby tom)

Darkfoot-dark gray tabby tom with darker paws and a black tipped tail

Whitedawn-white she-cat with light brown splotches

Apprentice, Mosspaw(tortoiseshell-and-gray she-cat)


Sweetpaw-tortoiseshell she-cat Role-played by: Rainlegs

Jaypaw-gray tabby tom

Mosspaw-tortoiseshell-and-gray she-cat


Icepetal-white she-cat, mother of Thrushfur's kits: Wolfkit(gray she-cat), Cloudkit(very pale gray tom), Riverkit(silver tabby she-cat and white with a white chest) and Stonekit(gray tabby tom)

Sorrelwhisker-tortoiseshell-and-gray she-cat, mother of Thrushfur's kits: Tumblekit(dark gray, almost black tom) and Cloverkit(black-and-white she-cat)


Wolfkit-gray she-cat Role-played by: Featherstream

Cloudkit-very pale gray tom Role-played by: Ottersplash

Riverkit-silver tabby she-cat and white with a white chest Role-played by: Rainwillow

Stonekit-gray tabby tom Role-played by: Ottersplash

Tumblekit-dark gray, almost black tom

Cloverkit-black-and-white she-cat


Rosetail-cream she-cat

Fuzzyclaw-dark gray tom with fur that sticks out


Leader: Runningstar-gray tom

Deputy: Littlefang-dark ginger-and-brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat: Cloudnose-white tom with gray splotches


Foxheart-bright ginger she-cat Role-played by: Icefern

Dapplefern-tortoiseshell-and-black she-cat Role-played by: Rainwillow

Patchclaw-black-and-white tom

Rainstorm-blue-gray tom

Apprentice, Whitepaw(very pale gray tom)

Smallface-light gray tom with darker muzzle

Darknose-dark gray tabby tom

Mosstail-tortoiseshell-and-brown she-cat

Pebblestream-dappled gray tom

Leafheart-dark ginger she-cat

Apprentice, Birdpaw(light brown tabby she-cat)


Whitepaw-very pale gray tom

Birdpaw-light brown tabby she-cat


Flowernose-white she-cat with gray patches, mother of Smallface's kits: Stormkit(gray tom) and Mallowkit(pale gray she-cat)

Misttail-gray she-cat with a darker tail, mother of Darknose's kits: Patchkit(gray tom with black patches) and Tawnykit(dark gray tabby tom)


Stormkit-gray tom

Mallowkit-pale gray she-cat

Patchkit-gray tom with black patches

Tawnykit-dark gray tabby tom


Tawnystep-brown tom

Shadefrost-light gray she-cat

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