"Willowshine, you've had three healthy kits, two she-kits and a tom." a voice murmured "Thank you, Shallowwave" Willowshine mewed "Jayfeather, what shall I name them?" Willowshine purred "Well, the dark gray she-kit will be Shadekit, the cream tortiseshell she-kit is Smugekit, and the pale gray-and-dark gray tabby tom is Clawkit" Jayfeather murmured. "Wonderful names" Willowshine meowed, "They will be fine warriors, Willowshine" a brown-and-white tabby she-cat mewed "Thank you, Waterpaw" Willowshine purred

Chapter 1Edit

Shadekit opened her eyes "Who are you?" she squeaked, puzzled "I'm your mother, Shadekit" Willowshine purred "Hey Shadekit!" a she-kit squeaked "Oh hi, Shadowkit!" Shadekit mewed

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