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The Taken Series

Number of Books: Three
Books: Abduction, The Chase and Rescue
Series Status: Started
Allegiances: None yet
Story Spellcheckers: None
The Dark Rogues are threatening VineClan. They want the powerful Clan to join forces with them. Bravestar knows he will have to fight.

Then the unthinkable happens - The Dark Rogue abduct Bravestar, threatening to kill him, life by life until VineClan submit to joining them.

Now the Clan are preparing an elite patrol of cats to save their leader. Before it's too late...

Abducted - The Dark Rogues are pressuring VineClan into joining them. Bravestar knows he must destroy them, or they will destroy his Clan. Then he disappears...

The Chase - The chase is on. To find The Dark Rogues. To save Bravestar before The Dark Rogues win, and all is lost for the Clan. Forever...

Rescue - The elite force have found the rogues. But Bravestar is dying. The Dark Rogues are looming over VineClan. But can the Clan overcome the fear and save their leader?

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