The Sweetest Series

Author: Scarletsky
Number of Books: Four
Books: The Sweet of Blossom,The Spirit of Blossom, The Sadness of Blossom and Hope.
Series Status: Writing
Allegiances: None
Story Spellcheckers: None
Watch Sweet's life from when she is born until she dies.

The Prophecy

A young Sweet will rise,

A Spirit will fall,

A sadness is Blossom's prize,
Falling blossoms

A new Hope rules all.

The books

Book One: The Sweet of Blossom- Sweet has been born in BlossomClan. She is adorable but her cuteness brings a curse. Her mother, the leader, thinks she is not as good as her littermates and keeps her safe, a desicion that makes Sweet go mad.

Book Two: The Spirit of Blossom- After the last moon's events, Sweet becomes a warrior, gaining the name Sweetspirit. But trouble is stirring in Seskinore Woods and enemies will change the way the unique BlossomClan lives.

Book Three: The Sadness of Blossom- Clover continues to keep Sweetspirit out of trouble but of course, she goes looking for it. When a seemingly harmless relationship turns out to be the one thing that tears BlossomClan apart, Sweetspirit must decide. Is the Clan more important than a family?

Book Four: Hope- Devastating events have shattered BlossomClan. Willow is left to sort it out and hopefully, restore peace. She has a way to make this happen, a young Hopekit who may or may not fulfill her mother's destiny who had failed to fulfill it.

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