The Storm

Status: Started
Preceding: Darkening Clouds
Succeeding: The Aftermath
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Blizzardstar just had her kits during the battle between BlizzardClan and TornadoClan V.S SandstormClan and SunClan. She is suffering the death of her brother, but she must stay strong when things take a turn to the worse. The storm has arrived...


The dark tom curled his lip. Tornadostar slid out his claws.

"What do you want, Blackstorm?" Tornadostar spat.

Blackstorm padded around the pale brown and white tabby leader. "What? No welcome to your kin,"

Anger flashed though Tornadostar's dark blue eyes. "You are not my father. You're Sandstormstar's father,"

Blackstorm laughed. "True, but I had trained you in the Dark Forest to be the best,"

Tornadostar shealthed his claws. "I don't care," Tornadostar padded up until he was nose to nose with Blackstorm.

"I will never be like you," Tornadostar snarled and padded after his clanmates.

Blackstorm laughed again, hatred in his amber eyes. "Never underestimate my power, Tornadostar,"

He faded away, but his voice was still there. We could have been strong, Tornadostar. But now you will pay!

Chapter One ~ BlizzardstarEdit

"Mommy, mommy! I'm hungry," Blizzardstar lifted her head to see Jaykit, wailing for milk. It's a wonder how Jaykit's wail is louder than the storm outside. She thought.

It had been a quarter moon since Blizzardstar's kits were born and the storm made hunting almost impossible.

Blizzardstar, emaciated and tired, barely made it this far with her three kits. She glanced at Jasmineleaf, who was in the same situation with her four kits.

"Blizzardstar, how are we supposed to survive this storm?" Jasmineleaf meowed.

Blizzardstar shook her head. "I don't know, but I need to tell Fireblaze something, do you mind?"

Jasmineleaf nodded and led her kits out of the den.

Fireblaze poked his head in, his apprentice, Lightningpaw at his side. "What do you want, Blizzardstar?"

"Oh, I didn't know you were there, Fireblaze. Come on in,"

Fireblaze padded in. Lightningpaw looking with curiously.

"Can I listen too?" Lightningpaw asked, shaking her wet calico pelt.

Blizzardstar winced. I need Fireblaze to listen since he is now deputy, but I guess tell her won't hurt anyone. She thought. Blizzardstar nodded her head and Lightningpaw padded in.

"Fireblaze, you know about this storm, right?" Blizzardstar meowed, blocking out Jaykit's wail.

Fireblaze shrugged. "Yeah, so?"

"The moon before Brackenshade..." Blizzardstar stopped herself. She still mourns for Brackenshade ever since his death and keeps seeing him in Brackenkit.

"Blizzardstar, what's wrong?" Lightningpaw mewed.

Blizzardstar shook her head. "Nothing, like I said before I know how the storm came to be,"

Fireblaze bristled. "How?" he growled.

"The Dark Forest," Blizzardstar spat. "Brackenshade told me that Stormblaze was training with them, but I don't know why,"

Fireblaze flicked his tail. "Stormblaze was involved in that. No wonder that you changed me to deputy,"

"Yes, but I trust you two to keep it a secret or if Stormblaze finds out, he'll turn against us,"

Chapter Two ~ TornadostarEdit

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