The Son of Scourge

Author: Hazel
Status: Started
Series: None
Allegiances: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
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This is about Deadeye, the son of one of the most infamous villains of the forest, Scourge. While being trained, he comes across a strong and beautiful she-cat from somewhere called ShadowClan...


A white she-cat with a black paw was laying in the nursery, nursing her newborn kits. The rest of her group of rogues, BloodClan, were at battle. She trembled in fear, as she had heard yowls of pain and grief from her rusty, metal den. At least Scourge had given her a blanket. All of a sudden, a small dark red tom rushed in with a worried look in his copper eyes.

"What's wrong, Brick?" The queen asked.

"You're not going to like this, Tragedy..." He stammered.

"Just tell me!" The fierce look in her green eyes made Brick flinch.

"Scourge is dead..." He whispered. The young tom saw the slight annoyance in Tragedy's eyes turn to pure grief. Scourge was not only the leader of BloodClan, but her mate as well.

"Well I was waiting for him to pick the names of his kits, but I guess he won't be able to do that..." She whimpered as she looked at her four kits. "Maybe Bone could help me name them?"

Brick shaked his dark ginger head. "Bone's dead, too."

"Oh..." Tragedy examined her children. There was a pure white she-kit with icy blue eyes, a white tom with a black tail, paws, head, and blue eyes, the third was a delicate black and white she-cat with soft green eyes. The fourth was quite odd, he was jet black except for a snow white paw and had one ice blue, and one green eye. That's not what was strange though; his blue eye was off focus, almost as if he were blind in it.

"I could help you," Brick purred as he rested his tail on the grieving queen's shoulder. "If you want."

Tragedy picked up her fluffy, white head and nodded. "The white she-kit's name shall be Misery, the white tom with black points is Bane, and the black and white she-kit's name is Forfeit."

"Those are fine names," Brick meowed. "What about the other tom?"

"I was hoping you could name him..." Tragedy softly murmured to him.

"I thought that we could name him Deadeye, because he's half-blind." Brick proposed. The kits' mother gave her nod of approval.

"I hope you'll be proud of them, Scourge." The ebony-pawed she-cat prayed, looking to the sky.

Chapter 1Edit

Deadeye woke up and his stomach rumbled. He couldn't remember the last time he had eaten a fairly decent meal. He had his siblings, Brick, and his mother -who was expecting Brick's kits at the time- to feed. There wasn't much to go around, so he hadn't eaten in a while. Besides, it's not like anyone cared. He was the half-blind runt of the litter in a rough world.

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