The power of four series/Allegiances

The Power of Four Arcs Edit

This is where I will place books and arcs for my series.

The First ArcEdit

A Kit's Adventure- Birdkit is born along with the others, but StarClan whispers of something bigger rising

The Friend Within- Birdpaw realizes that she never feels right and when she finds out it's not her feelings, will she use the connection for good?

The Forbidden Friendship -Birdpaw has a secret...She has a crush on Darkpaw. A ShadowClan cat.

A Warriors Promise- Birdwing realizes that danger is a whisker length away, and when a friend is gravely injured she must face her clan.

The New Blood - Birdstar is leader now, but the prophecy is now just beginning to take part in her life.

The Second ArcEdit

The Rise of the Phoenix



Birdstar is a black she cat with one white paw and ice blue eyes. Her clan is Thunderclan. She is often untrustworthy because she looks like Scourge. Her and her other four friends are part of a prophecy. She can be feisty and stubborn like her mother Squirrelflight. She is also passionate and caring for the other four especially Darkfoot she also has a connection with Crookedstar. The story is in her point of view.


is a pale tabby tom with a crooked jaw and is in RiverClan. He first met Birdwing when she was exploring the territories alone when she was only a kit. He knew he had a connection with her as soon as they met. Waterwing is the cat he loves, but Waveheart, a jealous tom, loves her too and he is the reason Crookedjaw has a broken jaw. Even though he lived he is still tortured. But all the same, he is the happy go lucky one and will do anything to protect his friends.


Darkfoot is the son of Blackstar. He is the leader of ShadowClan. He is a white tom with jet black paws. He also met Birdwing when she was exploring the territories. He loves Birdwing and she loves him, but Goldheart knows their secret and so does Fogpaw, Birdwing's apprentice. He can be mysterious and quiet, but unlike his father he can be nice and sweet at times and he will do anything to protect his clan and his friends.


Windflight is a wiry brown WindClan she-cat. Her mother named her after Windstar, the first leader of Windclan. She is funny, caring, sweet and does not like killing. You can say that she never wants to hurt a cat unless it's for a very good reason. All the same, she knows how to use her claws and is not afraid to use them. She is also a happy go lucky.