The New Clan

Author: Rowan
Number of Books: 6
Series Status: Nowhere near finished..
Story Spellcheckers: Me!
This is what I think the next series of Warriors is going to be. It's kinda like I'm writing my own next series oof Warriors:

The clan are almsot gone. Only a few warriors were left, and they were having a hard time living. with threats from all sides for all the clans, hope seemed lost. Maybe the Dark Forest would succeed in killing clans, even after they were defeated. But then Junekit, Firekit, and Honeykit were born. Their destiny is to save the clans, but how could they? Did they inherit powers from their parents, or are they simply the only ones who can keep their heads in such desperate situations?


I will not mention how exactly the Battle of the Stars took place or who the fourth was at all in this series (Excluding some injuried recived in the battle or the death of some cats.) This is because I do not want to be so wrong that It completely messes up my fanfiction or counter-act The Last Hope.

I will be killing off some of the cats I hate and some that I love. For instance, Ivypool died in the Battle of the Stars before Moon, and she was one of my favorite characters. But I also killed off Crowfeather, Hollyleaf, and Blackstar, whom I dislike. This is just a heads-up.

That's pretty much all I can think of for now. The Alligiances will be finished once I'm not as lazy. It might be awhile XP.

(Ps. I pretty much worked out how the Battle of the Stars went in this series before TLH came out. Don't worry about spoilers, most of the stuff in this series will be fake :) )

--Rowanfall *Glass Clink* Poison! I mean... Cheers!

The New Clan- Speedpaint Explicit01:35

The New Clan- Speedpaint Explicit

A Relaly really really bad speedpaint of the main characters

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