The Lionblaze Family

Author: Graceglow
Status: Writing
Series: None yet
Allegiances: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: Nerp!
Cinderheart and Lionblaze + Kits! Family feuds!

-Note:I know I spelled gray as grey, but that's how I spell. I'm in the UK.-

Chapter OneEdit

Lionblaze was sitting in an armchair watching two of his kits play.

"I'm leader!" squeaked Honeykit.

"No way!" yowled Heatherkit.

"No," mewed Cinderheart, padding in with a frying pan in her hand, "Greystar is. And by the way, he's asked to see Lionblaze tomorrow. Probably about..." she trailed away. The kits didn't need to know.

Ashkit suddenly padded in.

"Cin-der-hearrrt! I'm hungry!" they all purred at the kit with the bottomless stomach, but Lionblaze mewed sternly;

"Ashkit, Honeykit, Heatherkit, you three know Bramblekit and Hollykit are napping."

The kits lowered their heads, padded away and sulked in a corner. Cinderheart looked at the frying pan she held and realised she should be making dinner. She hurried away.

"By the way," she called from the kitchen, "I invited Jayfeather over for dinner!" Lionblaze froze.

"B-but..." he fumbled for an excuse, raising his voice over the kit's cries of, "UNCLE JAY! UNCLE JAY!"

"He's our doctor!"

Cinderheart sighed. "And your brother."

Lionblaze knew she was right. He flicked on the TV and Willowshine's happy voice chimed in.

"And in RiverClan, prey is running smoothly."

She made a good newscaster;StarClan told her everything. A burning smell came from the kitchen.

"Lionblaze..?" she mewed uncertainly, slightly anxiously. "We're ordering pizza."

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