The Great Seas Splash

Author: Seasplash
Status: Being Written
Series: Unknown
Allegiances: Unknown
Preceding: Unknown
Succeeding: Unknown
Spellcheckers: Unknown

Chapter 1Edit

Charlotte ran across the garden in her owners backyard.

"Charlotte!" The elderly twoleg sang. "Charlotte my darling pet! Come inside for some treats!"

She smiled and ran inside. This is the life....

The elderly twoleg dropped the treats into her bowl and walked into the patio.

Storm padded over to Charlotte. "Good Evening." He meowed.

She sighed and got up, "What do you want now?"

He smiled, "What makes you think I want anything?"

"Anytime you say "Good Evening" to me you always want something. So what is it now?" She meowed.

He sighed, "I wanted to take you somewhere."

"Where would that be?"

"It's called RoseClan."

She paused and thought to herself, RoseClan...what's that?

"I can tell you're curious so i'll answer that for you." He smirked, "RoseClan is my origin. I want you to come and join it with me. They have something called a Rose Garden. I think you might be interested in it."

"Why would I be interested?"

He smiled, "It has something that could change your life forever."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm getting the feeling you're going to keep bothering me until I come so fine."

He hopped around, "Yes! Get your things and be ready by Sundown!"

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