This series will be by Splashcloud

Book 1:

Trapped in ClawClan

Frozenkit and her sibling are born in ClawClan. There use to be four clans, MoonClan, WaterClan, ForestClan, and LeapClan, but when Deathstar rose into power, MoonClan fled and the rest of the clans were taken over. Fear provents almost all cats from atempting escape. Then Frozenkit revives a prophecy, she will be the one to free the clans, but to do that, she must escape ClawClan. As time goes on, she wonders if it is possible.

Book 2:

Freedom from ClawClan

Frozenkit, now Frozenpaw has escaped from ClawClan. She now must find a cat named Cali, so she can find the other cat in the prophecy who lives in MoonClan. After moons of searching, she finally finds Cali, but disaster strikes when Cali is captured by ClawClan. The only way to talk to Cali, is to return to ClawClan.

Book 3:

Back to ClawClan

Amazingly she is let back into ClawClan. They give her the warrior name of Frozenhope. Now she must get into Deathstar's den the place where Cali is hidden. The place where no unauthorized cat goes in and lives.

Book 4:

Escape to MoonClan

Book 5:

Help from MoonClan

Book 6:

Reformation of the Clans

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