The Elements-Madness logo

The Elements Series 1: Madness

Author: Leopardclaw
Number of Books: Three
Books: Not an Ordinary Clan, Reactivity, Element Love
Series Status: Started
Allegiances: None yet
Story Spellcheckers: None
ElementClan is no ordinary Clan. They're hardly even a Clan at all.

Led by Hydrogen, a semi-transparant purple cat with flying abilities, this is a Clan of oddities.

Ready to see the elements personcatified?

Madness: Not an Ordinary Clan - Can you imagine flying cats, reacting cats and mostly invisible cats? I thought not.

Madness: Reactivity - Literally. A cat that reacts with everything? Several? Oh yes =D

Madness: Element Love - And one cats affairs. Or maybe a few. Who knows what could happen?

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