This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Ravenflight00
This page contains the allegiances for the Dawn of Blood series.
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Leader: Scourge~ small black tom with one white paw and blue eyes

Deputy: Bone~ Black and white tom with green eyes

Medicine Cats: None

Warriors: Fire~ Ginger tom with deep green eyes

Moon~ A white she-cat with light blue eyes

Raven~ Black tom with blue eyes

Kody~ Black and white she-cat with light green eyes

Gecko~ Grey tom with green eyes

Freddy~ Tabby and white tom with hazel eyes

Icicle~ white tom with hazel eyes

Juniper~ A grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Beyonca~ Sleek black she-cat with hazel eyes

Smarty~ White tom with one blue eye and one green eye

Kipper~ Brown tom with hazel eyes

Queens and Kits: None

Elders: None

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