Leader: Peltstar- a gray tom wtih scars all over his pelt

Deputy: Leafbreeze- brown tortiseshell she-cat

Medicine Cat: Flowerpad- a brown tortiseshell she-cat with rosy pads

Apprentice: Leafpaw- a brown tabby she-cat with white belly and chest


Marblepelt- brown and black marbled tom

Acornpelt- brown tom

Squirreltail- ginger she-cat with a puffy tail

Apprentice: Softpaw- pure white she-cat with gray paws

Moistwind- white tom with gray patches

Apprentice: Whitepaw- brown she-cat with a white patch on her flank shaped like a flower

Rainfur- blue-gray tom

Monkeytail- brown tom with a long tail

Apprentice: Badgerpaw- a black and white tom

Bluemoon- black she-cat with a blue-gray patch shaped like a moon


Riverpelt- blue-gray she-cat with azure eyes

  • Azurekit- an azure she-cat
  • Skykit- a blue-gray she-cat with wings
  • Riverkit- a blue-gray she-cat with brown patches

Goldenshine- golden she-cat with yellow eyes


Misty- an old gray she-cat

Butterflywing- black she-cat with pretty patches on her sides

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