Only staff members may edit this page. The idea of this page is to archive news that is important but old. Every 3-4 months, a staff member will archive the old news under a Heading 2 and the date archived.


June 18Edit

  • The Community Portal has received a makeover! Now available for public use and announcements. Take a look today!
  • 1/3/2011 - Check out these new, awesome templates that you can use: Template:Delete, Template:Character, and Template:Story! Only members of Project:Create can use the story templates.
  • 1/4/2011 - WSW has opened up a character section- make a page of one of your main characters in a story, filling it out with book histories and the new character box!

October 20thEdit

  • 1/24/2011 - Congratulations to the wiki for creating 100 pages! Keep the good work up, everyone!
  • 4/2/2011 - 150 pages! Keep up the amazing work, everyone!
  • 6/18/2011 - 205 pages! We've reached our goal of 200! Now let's work to go by hundreds. 300 up next!
  • 8/4/2011 - 300 pages! Fantastic!!!!!!!
  • 9/6/2011 - 408 pages! Woot!

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