Swiftfire's Prophecy Series is in new territories, many moons after Firestar's leadership, and Bramblestar is ruling the present ThunderClan, Rowanstar is leader of ShadowClan, Birchstar, the only non-canon leader, of RiverClan, and Crowstar of WindClan (yes, it's Crowfeather!), but there are more created cats in the Clans, those are the only Canon cats.

Author: Swiftfire101

Note By Author: It's AFTER the Power of Three, so BEWARE! But it ties in with how the Three came to get their powers, and what their true destiny will lead to in the end.


Burning Shadows: the first story! Discover the cumilation of the two Chosen cats, and their different lives.

Dusk_At_Day~Prologue : The prologue to Dusk At Day!

Dusk At Day: Coming Feburary 25!- Many secrets lie around Flashheart and Moonshade, but the mysterious prophecy seems to call for more than one hero... Flashheart's destiny grows brighter but many challenges lay in wait... But with the thorn-sharp pangs of love in the air and Flashheart has to make an important decision... Stay with the Clan and endanger the one he loves the most or leave and save the Clans?

Fire In The Sky: Coming Soon!


Swiftfire's Prophecy Series is about Swiftfire, a young RiverClan warrior who is stalked by a StarClan warrior in his dreams with whispers of a strange prophecy, and his sister, Moonshade, who is visited by a shadowy cat with a blood-soaked proposition for her.

Moonshade's destiny gets clearer and clearer, but Swiftfire's haunted life becomes more and more tangled. One cat will fall to the blood-soaked prophecy, while the other will be left asking, is this the end of the Clans?

Character ProfilesEdit

Flashheart/Swiftfire : to see Flashheart.