Storm of Night

Author: Icewish
Status: Completed(Just not written completely)
Allegiances: Coming Soon...
Preceding: None
Succeeding: Coming Soon...
Spellcheckers: None Yet
Goldenwind is a normal warrior of BreezeClan. She lived the way she wanted to ever so easily. But when she hears of a storm that would come in the night and kill everyone, is there any chance of saving them?


"But there isn't a possibility for anyone to live, you know that Grassleap!" Yowled a black tom with dark, long twirled whiskers and white paws.

"Oh, but there is..." Said a brown tabby.


"The song of Ancients."

"What's that?" Asked the black tom.

The brown tabby turned to look at him, "The song of Ancients, Nightwhisker! I can't be any more clearer than that, you know!"

Nightwhisker stared into Grassleap's green eyes, "Why don't you actually try for a change."

"T, Try? Are you insane? If I actually tried something it would most likely be the end of the entire world and the ancients couldn't sing the song that could be the only known thing to save the world! It's the only way, they follow certain steps of patterns in order to save the world!" Grassleap yowled.

"I thought you said you couldn't try."

The tabby's face went blank in anger and embarrasment, "Shut up. You're no better than I am. Why don't you just shut your mouth before I call all of StarClan on you."

Nightwhisker smiled and turned away, "I just hope Goldenwind lives to meet the Ancients..." He smirked, "Or should I say dies."

Grassleap's throat cackled as he laughed at Nightwhisker's horrible joke, "You are a pawful!"

"I know, now go back to where I saw you."

"Fine..." The crazy brown tabby limped back to the Starpool and was pushed in by Nightwhisker.

Chapter 1Edit

Goldenwind closed her darker golden furred eyelids, she flicked her tail for her patrol to follow her.

"Are we almost at RainClan Camp? My paws are getting tired." Grayfoot complained.

"Shut up, Grayfoot. We're almost there..." She sneaked into the tunnels and waited for her patrol to follow.

Eventually Redsong, Grayfoot, and Hailclaw got into the tunnels.

"Hurry, get into stalking position before anyone passes by the tunnels." Goldenwind mewed desperately.

She got into her position and signaled her group to go foward. She got low to the ground and crept towards the entrance of RainClan. "Quietly creep in. Hide behind a bush and watch."

She crept into a bush and put her eyes through so she could watch in peace.

The leader of RainClan padded out of his den. He was a white tom with black flecks. He turned to his deputy, Snowshine. "Any news on BreezeClan?" He meowed.

Snowshine shook her head, "No. I'm beginning to worry..."

He looked at a rustling bush, "Who's there! Come out, now!"

Grayfoot stood up.

He grabbed Grayfoot and rushed him out of camp.

Goldenwind stood up, "Don't touch him!"

"Oh look, another BreezeClan warrior." Meowed Fleckstar.

She sighed, "I'll show myself out."

She padded back to camp with her patrol.

How could I be so stupid?!

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