Starshine- CG3
Status: Healer
Current: Tribe of Fleeting Birds
Past: None
Kit: Starshine in Cold Winter Sky
To-be: Starshine in Cold Winter Sky
Cave-guard: Starshine in Cold Winter Sky
Healer: Starshine in Cold Winter Sky
Abbreviated Tribe Name: Starshine
Mother: Unknown
Father: Lion That Bounds Over Moorland
Living: Rogue's Legacy, Warrior's Destiny
Dead: None
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Millie

Starshine in Cold Winter Sky (Starshine) is a beautiful, tall silver she-cat with clear, river blue eyes.


Rogue's LegacyEdit

Starshine is first seen before the battle with BoneClan. Her father comments to the loners on how she has been able to see into the future from a young age. He says she could help them win the battle. Starshine reveals she knows something about Eagle's past that Blazeheart doesn't and reveals she also knows something about Blazeheart's destiny.

Warrior's DestinyEdit

Starshine has a dream about a prophecy sent by the Tribe of Endless Hunting. The cat who sends it to her is her mother. She discovers her father is dead. She grieves for him but promises to interpret the prophecy before the dream fades.

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