Current: MidnightClan
Past: Loner
Post Death
Residence: None
Loner: Silver, Star
Kit: Starkit
Apprentice: Starpaw
Warrior: Starshine
Queen: Starshine
Mother: Cactus
Father: Cecil
Foster Mother: Eclipsefur
Mate Breezeheart
Son: Blackkit
Daughters: Tinykit, Dovekit, Juniperkit
Living: Starshine's Secret
Dead: None
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Twilight

Starshine is a pale gray she-cat with amber eyes and a torn ear.


In the Dream of the Clans SeriesEdit

Starshine's SecretEdit

She is mentioned in the prologue by Wintercloud when they are discussing Cherryblossom's death.

In the first chapter, she is calling out to Breezeheart, her mate. He trips over something and she is amused. They walk to the gorge where the gathering's are held and she before entering, they discuss memories of when they first met. Starshine has to squeeze through the thornbushes that lead into the gorge. The two start teasing each other and she murmurs how it would be easier if they were in the same Clan. Another unnamed cat walks into the gorge, looking for Breezeheart. Starshine slips into some bushes until the stranger leaves. She then tells her mate that she's having kits.

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