StarClan's Prophecy Books


Songcloud (Songeh)

The Quest

Wishberry, a newly made warrior, has been given a prophecy by Silverpelt. The first Warrior to go to StarClan. Silverpelt said that Wishberry would be a hero to all. But how? Join Wishberry, Flowerluck, Applewing, and Treeclaw on their journey to discover the truth. Will they get to find the truth in time, or will the quest kill them all?


Matching *'s mean mates (For ALL Clans)

Leader: Silkstar (Silky White and Silver, Deep Blue Eyes) (She-cat)

Deputy: Shinewing (Dark gray, Shiney green eyes) (She-cat)

Medicine Cat: Heathermist (Light gray, violet eyes) (She-cat) Apprentice- Larkpaw


Flowerluck (Brown tabby, pale gold eyes) (She-cat)

Applewing (Dark Ginger w/ sandy stripes, Blue eyes) (She-cat)

Treeclaw (Brown w/ black spots, Gold eyes) (Tom)*

Bumblefoot (Yellowish w/ black paws, green eyes) (Tom)

Hypersoul (Tan w/ white ears, gold eyes) (Tom)

Mousebird (Gray w/ black tail tip, blue eyes) (She-cat) Apprentice: Morningpaw

Shadefur (Black, Gold eyes) (Tom)**

Emberstrike (Ginger w/ black underbelly, Green eyes) (Tom)*** Apprentice: Petalpaw

Mosswing (White, Bright Green eyes) (She-Cat)

Goldenleaf (Gold-yellow, Blue eyes) (She-cat) Apprentice: Kinkpaw

Bluerose (Blue gray w/ pinky-red front right paw, green eyes) (She-cat)


Larkpaw (Black w/ white muzzel, Amber eyes) (She-cat)

Petalpaw (Pinky gray, Green eyes) (She-cat)

Kinkpaw (Gray w/ kinked tail fur, Blue eyes) (Tom)

Morningpaw (Tan w/ black specks, Amber eyes) (She-cat)


Fernstream (White w/ gray tail tip, Blue eyes) (She-cat)** Kits- Dawnkit (Gray, Amber eyes) (She-kit) Sunkit (Golden, Blue eyes) (Tom)

Sandpoppy (Sandy gray, violet eyes) (She-cat)*** Kits- Firekit (Flame color, Blue eyes) (Tom) Grasskit (White w/ ginger paws, Green eyes) (She-kit)

Wishberry (Black w/ ginger flecks, Deep Green Eyes) (She-cat)* Kits- Scarletkit (Brown w/ ginger paws, Hazel Eyes) (She-kit) Colorkit (Calico, Green eyes) (She-kit)


Dappleleaf (Brown w/ black paws, green eyes) (She-cat)

Nightflower (Black w/ piercing blu eyes) (She-cat)


Leader: Spottedstar (Calico, blue eyes) (She-cat)

Deputy: Wildheart (Brown w/ black stipes, Gold eyes) (Tom)

Medicine Cat: Whiteface (White w/ half back face, yellow eyes) (Tom)


Tanglefur (Gray w/ white face, green eyes) (Tom)

Blackear (White w/ black ears) (Tom)

Brightflower (White w/ gold splotches, gold eyes) (She-cat) Apprentice: Swiftpaw

Crowfur (Black, yellow eyes) (Tom)

Mistwillow (Cream white w/ brown paws, green eyes) (She-cat)

Frostpelt (Pale gray, blue eyes) (She-cat)

Graypelt (Gray w/ white chest, gold eyes) (Tom) Apprentice: Patchpaw

Mossheart (Gray w/ dark gray flecks, blue eyes) (She-cat)

Redfur (Rustic red, yellow eyes) (Tom) Apprentice: Skypaw


Swiftpaw (Gray w/ white ears, yellow eyes) (Tom)

Patchpaw (White w/ back and brown ears, green eyes) (Tom)

Skypaw (Dappled brown, Blue eyes) (She-cat)


Cindertail (Long gray w/ white paw, blue eyes) (She-cat) Kits: Smallkit (Black, green eyes) (She-kit)

Featherfur (Puffy tan w/ brown flecks, green eyes) (She-cat) Kits: Smokekit (Gray, blue eyes) (Tom) Sandkit (Tan , green eyes) (She-kit)


Littletail (Brown w/ black tail, blue eyes) (She-cat)


Leader: Rainstar (Gray tabby, green eyes) (Tom)

Deputy: Robinsong (Dark brown, blue eyes) (She-cat)

Medicine Cat: Lynxleap (Gray w/ whit fleks, amber eyes) (Tom) Apprentice: Sugarpaw


Frozendawn (Pale gray, green eyes) (She-cat)

Stormsky (Dark gray, amber eyes) (Tom)

Willowmoon (Brown tabby, violet eyes) (She-cat)

Rowenflower (Dark brown, green eyes) (She-cat) Apprentice: Yellowpaw

Longshadow (Black and white, blue eyes) (Tom)

Hailcloud (White, blue eyes) (Tom)

Vanillaheart (Yellow/white, green eyes) (She-cat) Apprentice: Waterpaw

Shinebird (Gibger tabby, Gold eyes) (She-cat)


Sugarpaw (White w/ silver flecks, amber eyes)

Waterpaw (Gray-blue, yellow eyes) (tom)

Yellowpaw (Yellow-gold, blue eyes) (She-cat)


Tallmaple (Golden-brown, green eyes) (She-cat) Kits: Duskkit (Cream-brown, yellow eyes) (Tom) Mosskit (Orange tabby, green eyes) (She-kit)


Mushroomtail (Gray w/ white ears, green eyes) (Tom)


Leader: Morningstar (Silver, soft blue eyes) (She-cat)

Deputy: Blackwing (Back, yellow eyes) (Tom)

Medicine Cat: Iceheart (White w/ ginger splotches, green eyes) (She-cat) Apprentice: Swallowpaw


Ashtail (Gray tabby, green eyes) (Tom)

Duststorm (Pale brown, amber eyes) (Tom)

Sunbreeze (Ginger tabby, yellow eyes) (She-cat)

Sparrowflight (Tabby w/ white paws, yellow eyes) (Tom)

Spottedfur (Sliver w/ balck spots, green eyes) (She-cat) Apprentice: Streampaw

Mapleclaw (Brown tabby, amber eyes) (Tom)

Crystalriver (Blue-gray, green eyes) (She-cat) Apprentice: Leopardpaw

Bramblestorm (Ginger, green eyes) (Tom)

Blossomfeather (Calico, amber eyes) (She-cat)


Swallowpaw (Gray tabby, blue eyes) (She-cat)

Streampaw (Gray, ice blue eyes) (She-cat)

Leopardpaw (Yellow w/ black flecks, amber eyes) (Tom)


Snowpool (White, green eyes) (She-cat) Kits: Salmonkit (Orange w/ black tail, green eyes) (Tom) Mistkit (Gray and white, hazel eyes) (She-cat)


Thundercloud (Gray w/ black spots, green eyes) (Tom)

Savagesoul (black w/ golden tail, blue eyes) (Tom)

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