Spirits of the Forest

Author: Graceglow
Status: Writing
Allegiances: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: None
Four cats, Snow, Sun, Leaf and Night, hold the power of the elements in their paws. Darkness, Light, Growth and Sky. The kits of Amber do not know, but when they do find out, the power could tear them apart...


The ginger she cat looked down at her kits. So fragile. So…beautiful. They were newborn. Fatherless. Nameless. They had no identity…yet. She cast her light blue gaze over the kits. One kit was white, whiter than the softest cloud. It seemed at peace, as if it could calm any storm.


Another was a golden tabby, one that brought promises of a new dawn. It glowed in the dawn half-light. The aura coming from it was soothing, somehow.


One was blacker than her mate’s heart. This one made her lip curl. She did not love it as much as the others, as it reminded her of the tom who had broken her heart. It seemed to suck in the light around it.

“Night.” She snarled as she named this one. She did not want to name it, but she had no choice.

She looked at her final kit. A brown tabby, earthy, and almost blending in with the forest floor beneath her. It looked at one with the ground, and the ferns seemed to bend around her, in a comfortable position.

“Leaf.” The kits were named. Snow, Sun, Night and Leaf, the four kits of Amber. She did not know. They all did not know, but the family was not going to have an easy life.

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