Sparrowstrike: The Daughter of a Murderer

Author: Ravenflight
Status: Unfinished
Series: Dark of the Moon
Allegiances: Pineclan, Breezeclan
Preceding: None, but is a side-along story to Ravenflight's Adventure.
Succeeding: None, please read above
Spellcheckers: Unknown
Sparrowpaw is oblivious to her father's actions until she witnesses him murdering a cat from Pineclan. Her father makes her swear secrecy but can she keep her father;s secret?


Hello there. I am Sparrowstrike. You must be curious of how I survived this far, seeing that my father was a murderer. It wasn't really that shocking considering that he was a viscious cat. But it was a pain to know that he killed someone, having that thought in your head all the time. My father killed someone....

I will tell you my story, however, you must promise to keep the secrets in this tale secrets. Because even the slightest slip up could be deadly, espessially since my father still lingers somewhere out there. Gossip travels fast in this forest, it would probably reach him in a day or too. Then he'd be after me for sure. So please, sit down and listen to this tale. I promise you'll want to hear over and over again.

Chapter 1Edit

Breezeclan was peaceful at this time of night. No birds were noisily singing, no sounds of kits tumbling around, just the sound of water running through the creek and the elders snoring. I looked back at the camp. It looked small from up here on the hill. Then I spotted what I was waiting for.

"Hello Ashpaw!" I meowed at a light grey tom who was climbing the hill. His light blue eyes glistened with moonlight. He really stood out in the dark.

Ashpaw looked up at me, "Hey Sparrowpaw! What's new? Breezeclan looks real small from up here, doesn't it?"


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