Snowsong- Warrior
Status: Queen
Current: ThunderClan
Past: None
Kit: Snowkit
Apprentice: Snowpaw
Warrior: Snowsong
Mother: Heatherleaf
Father: Darkfur
Mate: Bearclaw
Sister Birdsong
Brother: Eagleclaw
Living: The Beginning, Kits and She-Cats, Night Calls, Rising Troubles, Snowsong's Secret, A New Moon, Goldenflower's Love, Pantherkit's Escape, Ravenfeather's Gift, Adderkit's Betrrayal
Dead: None
Role-Play Information
Roleplayed By: Nightfern

Snowsong is a beautiful pure-white she-cat with long, silky fur, small paws, and wide, dark blue eyes.


Before MoonlightEdit

Snowkit was born to Heatherleaf and Darkfur. Her siblings were Birdkit, and Eaglekit. She is completely Clan-born, and her relatives are Nightfern, Cloudclaw, Icefur, Amberheart, Leafblossom, Nightbreeze and Willowfern by her mother's side.

The BeginningEdit

Snowkit was apprenticed to Nightfern with her siblings and became Snowpaw. Some days later, she is assessed by Nightfern to see her skills. Snowpaw instantly recognized her sister Birdpaw attacking her by her scent. It is later revealed that Birdpaw was only attacking her sister so Nightfern could watch her skills. It is mentioned she hasn't caught a mouse yet. In the forest hunting, Snowpaw caught a blackbird and a vole. When the Greenflower catches blackcough, she recognizes the danger instantly.

Kits and She-CatsEdit



Bearclaw (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret)


Heatherleaf (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret)


Darkfur (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret)


Eagleclaw (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret)


Birdsong (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret)


Lionleaf (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret)

Flamefoot (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret)


Goldenflower (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret) Leopardfoot (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret)

Featherfoot (Alive as of Pantherkit's Escape)

Rainfur (Alive as of Snowsong's Secret)

Nieces and Nephews:

Pantherkit (Alive as of Pantherkit's Escape)

Meadowkit (Alive as of Pantherkit's Escape)

Duskkit (Alive as of Pantherkit's Escape)


Greenflower (Alive as of Unknown)

Half-Eye (Deceased as of Night Calls) Residence Unknown

2 Unknown

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