Snowdazzle's Life

Author: Snowy
Status: Not finished yet
Series: No series
Preceding: Snowkit is born, with a mysterious power. Can she keep the secret, or let her dreams be shattered forever?
Spellcheckers: None yet
My first story -woot-


Iceshard sighed, looking up at her trusted mate, Jokergrin. Iceshard was a queen, her belly full of kits who were squirming and kicking inside. It was a pain, and annoying.

The queen sighed, licking her mate's head. "I'm nervous" she cried softly, twining her tail with her mates.

Jokergrin cocked his head, a weird look on his face. "Nervous about what? Your healthy, so are your kits. You'll give birth in no time" he advised.

A tear rolled down Iceshard's cheek. "B-but, I got a sign from Starclan" she admitted, hiding her face in her paws, sobbing softly.

The tom's eyes widened. "What was the sign?!" he asked his mate.

"I-I can't say. The cat said Do not tell anybody, or one of your kin will be crushed" Iceshard whimpered.

Jokergrin sighed. "Not even your mate?" he begged.

Iceshard snapped. "NO. I'm going to bed" she curled up tightly on her moss bed and fell asleep, her fur rising and lifting with every breath.

The tom let out a breath. But, who's one of your kin?, he thought.

You will soon find out.... a voice echoed.

Chapter 1Edit

Snowkit tumbled over her sister, Winterkit. Winterkit grunted.

"Do you mind!! I was trying to sleep, you big furball" she snapped, curling back up.

Snowkit frowned, nudging her playfully. "Your a boring sister. It's playtime, not sleep-time!" she growled impatiently, sinking her teeth into her sister's tail.

The small, silver-colored she-cat leaped up, squealing. "SNOWKIT!" she squealed, tackling her younger sister, nipping her ear.

"Hey no fair!!!" Snowkit whined, pushing her off and running over to Iceshard, her mother.

"MOM!" she yelled in a loud voice, loud enough to wake Iceshard up.

The queen fidgeted. "Wha..." she mumbled, turning over on another side.

Winterkit pushed Snowkit away. "Snowkit bit me!"

"Did not!"

"Did to!"

"Shut up!"

"No, you shut up!"

"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!" Iceshard yelled at her kits. She sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm just cranky. Now can you please let me sleep? I'll give you both sheep wool."

The sisters smiled wide. "YAY!" they squealed, running out of the Nursery.

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