SunClan is practicly ThunderClan. They share their same spirit. But their p
ersonality is equal to that of WindClan's. They hate fighting. They're more of the peace makers. They're territory is similar to ThunderClan's lake territory.

Leader: Shadestar - total black tom with icy blue eyes

Deputy: Eaglewing - muscular golden tom with brown patches and green eyes

Medicine Cat: Echofrost - black and white she-cat with a torn ear, scars near her eyes and amber eyes

Apprentice: Fallowwing

Warriors (Cats older than 6 moons):

Jaysong - light gray she-cat with a white paw and sky blue eyes

Patchclaw - white she-cat with light brown patches and golden eyes

Leafwhisker - brown tabby tom with unusually long claws and orange eyes

Whiteclaw - golden brown tom with white claws, torn ears, and pale green eyes

Apprentice: Gingerpaw

Goldenfur - golden she-cat with light blue eyes

Sheerrock - brown tom with a scratched eye and amber eyes

Featherwing - silky gray tom with a scar on his nose and amber eyes

Appentice: Grasspaw

Graypelt - silver-black she-cat with a scar on her shoulder and yellow eyes

Apprentices (Cats older than 6 moons in training to become a medicine cat or warrior):

Fallowwing - cream colored she-cat with green eyes (In training to become a medicine cat) FanClaned by Loudsplash

Gingerpaw - ginger tom with blue eyes

Grasspaw - bracken colored tom with amber eyes

Queens (She-cats nursing or expecting kits):

Clouddawn - white she-cat with golden eyes (Leafwhisker) (E)

Elders (Retired warriors or nursery queens):

Fuzzyear - gray tabby tom with tuffs of fur on the end of his ears and blue eyes

Cream - cream she-cat with one blind eye; was a loner

Daisyfur - tortoiseshell she-cat with soft blue eyes

Nettlecreek - spiky furred black tom with blind eyes

Mousefang - brown tom with a white underbelly and three legs

Mintypelt - black tom with one white patch and green eyes

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