ShadeClan's territory matches ShadowClan's lake territory. They are night hunters. Their personality is like RiverClan's. ShadeClan thinks they're the best of the best. The more skilled fighters come from this Clan.

Leader: Duskstar - black tom with white underbelly and white paws and green eyes

Deputy: Robincall - gray she-cat with a torn ear and amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Whitesoul - white tom with a blind eye and golden eyes

Warriors (Cats older than 6 moons):

Blackstorm - black tom with a scarred eye and green eyes

Apprentice: Rowanpaw

Nightshine - dark gray she-cat with long claws and one blue one green eye FanClaned by Feathermoon

Oakpelt - dark brown tom with pale green eyes

Ravenwing - black she-cat with amber eyes (Oakpelt)

Liongrowl - golden tabby she-cat with long teeth and pale blue eyes

Apprentice: Whitepaw

Fawnfeather - fawn colored tom with a feathery coat and blue eyes

Foxclaw - black she-cat with one yellow one blue eye and lethal claws FanClaned by Leopardclawxx

Apprentice: Desertpaw

Lichenwhisker - long limbed black tom with icy blue eyes

Hawkwhisker - brown tabby tom with icy blue eyes

Apprentices (Cats older than 6 moons training to become a medicine cat or warrior):

Whitepaw - brown tabby tom with amber eyes and one white paw

Rowanpaw - cream tom with brown paws, face, tail, and ears and pale green eyes

Desertpaw - cream she-cat with brown pacthes and pale blue eyes FanClaned by Feathermoon

Queens (She-cats nursing or expecting kits):

Lizardfoot - bracken she-cat with amber eyes (Blackstorm) FanClaned by Loudsplash

Kits (Cats younger than 6 moons):

Marshkit - dark gray tom with amber eyes

Elders (Retired warriors or nursery queens):

Lightheart - tortoiseshell and white tom with green eyes

Brownstripe - white she-cat with a brown stripe on the back, black tail, and one blue one green eye FanClaned by Loudsplash

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