DawnClan is swift and agil. They resemble WindClan. Thier territory is similar to that of WindClan's lake territory. Their persinality is like ShadowClan. They don't get along with other cats.

Leader: Emberstar - fiery ginger tabby she-cat with dark green eyes

Deputy: Crowsight - handsome black tom with white paws and dashing blue eyes FanClaned by Silversong

Medicine Cat: Poppysky - beautiful pale ginger she-cat with a stub tail and deep blue eyes

Apprentice: Tawnywhisker

Warriors (Cats older than 6 moons):

Skyeyes - slender black and white she-cat with sky blue eyes

Onefoot - golden brown tom with one white paw and amber eyes

Windstrike - swift brown she-cat with green eyes and a torn ear FanClaned by Feathermoon

Daydreamer - handsome golden tom with a torn tail and blue eyes

Dustwing - beautiful dusky brown she-cat with dark green eyes (Daydreamer) FanClaned by Leopardclawxx

Sandclaw - agile sandy she-cat with heather green eyes FanClaned by Leopardclawxx

Duskshadow - black tom with green eyes and a slight limp

Snowdown - white she-cat with a gray muzzle, paws, and tail and blue eyes FanClaned by Loudsplash

Spiderfang - black tom with amber eyes

Sunshade - golden tom with blue eyes

Apprentices (Cats older than 6 moons in training to become medicicne cats or warriors):

Tawnywhisker - dark tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes (In training to become a medicine cat) FanClaned by Rainwillow

Ferretpaw - small brown tabby tom with green eyes

Queens (She-cats nursing or expecting kits):

Dustwing - beautiful dusky brown she-cat with dark green eyes (Daydreamer) FanClaned by Leopardclawxx

Kits (Cats younger than 6 moons):


Elders (Retired warriors or nursery queens):

Maskedfur - white tom with a gray mask around his face and pale green eyes

Whitesoul - white tom with a tom tail and heather blue eyes

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