Silver's Song Series

Author: Silver
Number of Books: 3
Series Status: In the making
Story Spellcheckers: Night and Millie
Silversong is an average RainClan warrior. In this series, she will battle trouble like no other. From evil Blood Rouges to her own former mate.


Creepy World of Darkness
Silver's Son Series
- Silversong is your average, everyday warrior of RainClan. Her life is perfect. But her mother sends her a message from StarClan: Behind you, it seems like darkness, but really, there are shadows lurking from the past. While looking for an explination to the prophecy, Silversong finds her one true love. But this love is forbidden. Now, Silversong has to battle the enemy from behind and her heart. Will she win or lose?

Blinded By Love - RainClan, ShadeClan, and DawnClan have recovered from the battle four moons ago. Now, Silversong is finding it hard to concentrate on her Clan and instead is focused on love. Her heart yearns for two cats who love her as well. But what happens when they both find out and what will Silversong do when the time comes to choose only one cat to take as a mate? But most importantly, what will the loser do?

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