Shyro and Kuro: The Lives of Two Rouges

Author: Ravenflight
Status: Unfinished
Series: Will be one soon... just need a name
Allegiances: None
Preceding: Unknown
Succeeding: Unknown
Spellcheckers: Unknown
Shyro and Kuro have always been rogues from the day they were born into the forest. Their mother was wanted by the clans for stealing food and fighting off patrols from their den. Shyro and Kuro always thought their mother's actions were selfish, but when she finaly gets captured by the clans they must figure out why she was so protective and somehow save her from death, and along the way they uncover the truth of their mother's behaviour.


A black and white spotted she-cat ran through the woods. Her belly was swollen with unborn kits. Her multi-coloured eyes were filled with terror as she ran as fast as she could from the unseen danger.

You're a traitor...

An evil, malicious voice clung through the forest air and produced a thick mist that hung below the trees.

The she-cat stopped, unable to see through the fog. She sat trembling at the base of a tree as the voice went on.

You remember our deal right?"

"Y-yes!" the she-cat meowed back.

Well if you fail this time I will personally come to torture you! No more games, you know the concinquences.

"I will try not to fail this time! But.. what about my kits?"

They can wait!

"But they'll need a mother to survive!"

You can postpone your task until they're old enough to survive with out you near them all the time. But after that I'll be watching you closely. Agreed?


The fog lifted up, leaving a clear space for the she-cat to make a safe den for her kits. She catiously aproached the clearing, just in case it was a trap.

Chapter 1Edit

"Why are you going to leave us again mother?" Shyro asked, "You always leave!"

"Yeah!" Kuro agreed, "Why do you always leave?"

Destiny, their mother, sighed, "You know you're not supposed to ask me those kind of questions. I'm sorry, I'll only be gone for a couple days. I promise."

Kuro fluffed up her black fur, "You promise?"

"Promise. Now may I leave?"

Shyro and Kuro looked at each other and nodded.

"Yeah, I guess. See you soon mom!" Shyro walked up and touched her nose to her mother's.

Destiny smiled, "I'll see you soon too." She walked out of the den, stopping once to look back at her daughters, then continued on her way through the forest.

When she was out of sight Kuro turned to Shyro, "She's keeping something from us... I'm worried."

Shyro nodded, "Well, let's not butt into it until things go bad, which I'm sure won't happen!"

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