This page contains the Clan Allegiances made by Rowanfall
This page contains the allegiances for the Short Stories of Love series.
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Spikyfur and LadybugEdit


Leader: Fishstar- ginger tom

Deputy: Lilypad- gray she-cat with brown patches

Medicine Cat: Redwillow- reddish she-cat with black paws

Apprentice:Fishpaw- dark brown tom with black tabby stripes


Glitterfur- a shiny brown she-cat

Spikyfur- a brown, mean-looking tom with bristly fur

Apprentice:Goldpaw- golden tabby she-cat

Moonstream- black she-cat with a silver stripe down her back

Flamescale- ginger-and-golden tortiseshell tom

Apprentice: Willowpaw- brown she-cat with silvery eyes

Nettlefur- dark brown she-cat with black tabby stripes


Ladybug- reddish she-cat with black patches

  • Burnkit: brown tom with a red stripe like fire
  • Redkit: red mottled she-cat with green eyes

Cats outside the ClansEdit

Shadows- black tom with evil-looking red eyes

Flashfur and CloudyEdit


Leader: Longstar- brown tom with long, shaggy fur

Deputy: Longtail- red she-cat with an unnaturtally long tail

Medicine cat: Flashfur- a young white she-cat with orange stripes


Brackenpelt- a light brown tom

Redfur- a pure red she-cat with paws paws, underbelly, and ears.

Grassfur- a golden tom with rough fur


Tallpaw- black tom with golden tabby patches

Loudpaw- a black tom who hisses loudly

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