Short Stories of Love

Author: Rowanfall
Number of Books: 2 (so far)
Series Status: Started
Story Spellcheckers: None
Read while an elder, Stormcloud, tells many stories of love to two she-kits.


Three kits tumbled into the elder's den. The smallest tripped over ehr own paws and rolled over and over, finally coming to a stop at a dark gray elder's feet. "Hello, Riverkit." the dark gray tom smiled.

The other two kits, one snowy she-cat and one light brown tom with white paws, raced after their sister to the elder's side. "Tell us a story, Stormcloud!" the white she-cat begged.

"Okay, come here you three." the dark gray tom turned and flopped into his nest.

Riverkit, the first kit, was gazing around at the almost empty den around her. "Where are the others?" she asked.

Stormcloud flicked his ears to the entrance of the den, "Duckfeather went to visit Lightbreeze in the Medicine den and Hailstorm and Goldwing went for a walk."

The brown tom sighed, "Awww! But Goldwing and Lightbreeze always have the best stories to tell..."

"You don't think my stories are good enough for you, Hazelkit?" Stormcloud mewed, pretending to be angry. "Anyway, Lightbreeze would only complain about how much her stiff bones are hurting her these days. Not even Branchsway can heal her."

"Well, what story are you going to tell us today?" the white kit asked.

"Stories," Stormcloud corrected her, "plural. Come on you guys, come gather over here! whatcha' doin' way over there? come on Snowkit, Hazelkit, Riverkit. I'll tell you stories of love."

Hazelkit groaned and left the Elder's den.

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