Shining Through the Storms

Author: Graceglow
Status: Writing
Series: None
Allegiances: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Spellcheckers: None
Was Yellowfang always a Clan cat? Follow her story throughout her life, until Brokenstar banishes her from ShadowClan.

Chapter One Edit

The grey exotic kitten frolicked with her littermates. Their mother watched them.

"Careful now! Marigold! Stop fighting with Ice!" Marigold lowered her head.

"I was just playin'...."

"Playing becomes hurting." The white she cat was sick of chiding her child-Marigold could tell from Swan's voice. It's because I'm grey, thought Marigold. Her littermates were all beautiful white cats, pure and good. She was a dark grey, like her Twoleg's fire after it had gone out. She knew her mother did not like her as much as Ice and Spark.

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