Shimmerbreeze is a small, delicate, beautiful silver she-cat with paler tabby stripes, white dapples, and one dark blue eye and green eye.

Current: Saving the Clans Alliances
Past: Loner
Names: Shimmerkit, Shimmerpaw, Shimmerbreeze
Family: Goldenpelt (father), Fawnheart(mother)
Status: Alive
Appearances: MoonClan's Treasure
Roleplayed By: Nightfern

History Edit

Before MoonClan's TreasureEdit

Goldenpelt and his pregnant mate Fawnheart abandon SnowClan in the mountains because of the deaths. They are starving and injured. Along the way toward a new home, Goldenpelt falls off a mountain ledge and falls to his death. Fawnheart is devastated and a dawn later gives birth to Shimmerkit.

MoonClan's TreasureEdit

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