Leader: Gorsestar- big, gray tom

Deputy: Sandwing- pale ginger she-cat

Medicine Cat: Ferncloud- black she-cat


Dawnstorm- creamy brown she-cat

Darkfang- dark tabby tom

Hazelwing- brown she-cat with white paws and black paint-spatter like patches

Quailfeather- redish brown tom

Lionwing- gold she-cat

Yellowclaw- dark gold tom

Whiteear- gray tom with a white ear

Nightheart- black she-cat with one silver paw

Dewfeather- gray she-cat with black flecks

Leafwing- bracken colored she-cat


Ashfern- gray she-cat (mother of Quailfeather's kits: Meadowkit(tortiseshell-and-white she-kit), Sparrowkit(black-and-gold tabby she-kit) and Driftkit(gray tabby tom)

Foxheart- she-cat who looks just like a fox(mother of Darkfang's kits: Duskkit (tortiseshell she-kit) and Fawnkit (tan she-kit with white flecks)


Jaggedfur- Black tom with spiky fur

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